LINN-SUI 1994-2014


A new line in bio-ecological interior design

LINN-SUI, from the symbol of the KING (union of people with elective affinities), came about from the idea to produce and sell a line of bio-ecological furnishings that promote healthy sleeping.

Linn-sui has brought together its experience in traditional FUTON materials, fabrics for bio-furnishings and paddings with ongoing research into new materials with an obviously bio-ecological stamp, such as wood, cotton, rice paper, varnishes and non toxic glues, to create a new line of furniture

LINN-SUI proposes a simple line of products for relaxing and resting:
FUTONS are traditional japanese mattresses made from layers of untreated cotton sheets. Cotton fibre, natural thermic insulator, allows the body to breathe in the summer and keeps it warm in the winter. The futon is lined in untreated, unbleached cotton drill, sewn by hand with cotton and hemp. Our futons are available in traditional sizes but can also be made to measure. As well as avoiding long storage times this guarantees the quality of the product which is entirely hand crafted

The NECK-ROLL is a cushion suited to those who suffer from neck ache. It is stuffed with buckwheat husks whose movement exerts a relaxing massaging action on the neck muscles. LINN-SUI offers the neck roll in canvas or covered in elegant, coloured linings.

The ZAFU is a round cushion padded with cotton, used during meditation. It can also be used as a pouf.

The TATAMI is a japanese base made from pressed rice straw and bamboo that can be used in beds or on its own as flooring. LINN-SUI imports it directly from Japan. LINN-SUI also produces several kinds of beds as well as bedroom accessories (lamps, bedside tables, tables and coffee tables) and childrens furniture such as baby chairs, wardrobes, changing mats, cradles, cots and high chairs, all made from tested materials and woden slatted bed bases for the correct use of futons, with no metal parts and painted using biological paint (DURGA).

The designers who collaborate with LINN-SUI are: Tarshito, Riccardo Misesti, Nanda Vigo and Gabriele Pezzini.

OUR BEDS can be chosen from an ever inreasing range, from simple single beds in deal or beech, wooden jointed without screws, to large oriental style bed bases, or three quarter sizes made in Italy and the East exclusively from plantation wood; our SOFA BEDS are also simple and inexpensive, available in a variety of models and sizes, they come with wooden slatted bases for the correct use of the futon (cotton naturally counter balances humidity and body temperature and therefore needs constant airing). Sent as kits.

As well as pillows and neck rolls (cushions for neck ache) you can find beautiful rolled cushions, large floor poufs, bed heads, shiatsu mattresses, carry-futons for travel, padded in cotton like our traditional futons and covered in beautiful Designers Guild fabric that you can choose directly from samples.

LINN-SUI’S proposals are the result of on going research; leaving aside the easy, cheap solutions on the market offered by industrial production methods and looking to the advantages of a “truly natural”, high quality product.

LINN-SUI has presented its label and products at the most important shows and fairs in the health market (SANA - Bologna; GIARDINO DI GAIA - Florence; Abitare il Tempo - Verona) and in the interior design market (Il Salone del Mobile - Florence, MIAS - Florence, Expocasa - Turin, Fiera d'Oltremare - Naples, Spaziocasa - Vicenza, Fierarredo - Bologna, Moacasa - Rome, Italiarreda - Arezzo)